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Just another heartfelt thanks

To the whole team, thank you for giving me a wonderful habit to replace a nasty dirty one - smoking!
I was very poor and needed to stop smoking to save pennies, and I happened to find a blog train (the recent sent from above - LOVES IT!) and now I am sharing the joy because I can, I can make pages for my sisters, mothers and friends who have children - but I know this would not be possible without your inspiring generosity.
Please know that your kits always pay it forward, big smiles happen because of what you amazing ladies do.
You are memory makers, because it's not just the joy of scrapping memories, it's the pride of making something truly beautiful that also leaves everyone feeling "the gift" that you give us all.

I know time is rare, and I am just so proud of your team that can step up, it must be hard sometimes and I think we would understand if you rotated people on the blog trains, don't burnout now!!!
I recommend putting up a paypal donate button too, you could put the money collected into the forum account, you shouldn't solely pay for it all.

Sometimes by giving freely, it makes us value the real stuff in life. Like making others feel good and special to our loved ones.
Money aint got nothing on that. So, don't let anyone say you devalue scrapping, you are bringing more people into a hobbie that I admit I thought was going to be too expensive for me. And you know, eventually I will buy someone's kit down the line, I already have my favorites, but don't let any other designer make you feel you are hurting business, this is a new modern era of sharing and community, and you will be always considered in high esteem with your customers.

Love always,

Re: Just another heartfelt thanks

Renee (Big Bugs), thanks so much for your post...You wouldn't believe what all happened to me and your post topped the cake...Truly remarkable...
I value life more then people might know... and for me to help others, is what I love to do...I have gotten emails already from some other designers saying that it is people like me, who ruin it for them...I don't believe that...I make sales when people want to buy something...So I don't think I am doing anything wrong...I look at what I do as a gift FOR others, not a gift for me...
I love scrapping and it sure takes your mind off things, and at the same time you are creating memories that will last forever...So it's a win win situation...I appreciate your post and hope to see you here as a regular...You are so sweet...((HUGS))