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It's official - I'm finally saying HI!

So you've seen me around for a few weeks now and I didn't bother posting in here... shame on me! lol Some of you will know me to 'see me' from SBM forums posting under the same name.

For those of you who don't...
I'm 32 and a Mum of 2. DD is 3yrs old and DS is 10 months. My maternity leave (we get 1 year in Canada) ends in about a month and I'll be going back to work part time as an office assistant at an appliance repair place (repairs and parts mostly). I have gone out on the road fixing people's stuff but the main need is for me to be in the office to give the boss a break from answering phones and all that jazz. She's hoping to take a step back from the running of the business in the next couple years and then I would take over the day-to-day running of things. I've been here for about 3.5 yrs and am enjoying the work but not loving it.

My original background is in Graphic Design (diploma) and Interactive Multimedia (certificate) and was working in the newspaper industry for several years. I miss that work but at that time I was getting horrible headaches from staring at a computer monitor for 8+ hours a day. I seem to be past that now and spend quite a bit of time on the computers without a problem :)

I would like to look into designing a kit one day and see if I like it... which I think I will... I miss the extensive work I used to do in Photoshop and just need a good excuse to re-learn it! I've got some ideas already and my "hubby" (common-law) is quite the artist as well and I've got him interested in doing some illustrations for me (he used to be in animation). Sideline - we actually met in the high school art room but didn't start dating until about 6 years ago. And yes, I did have a huge crush on him way back when!

If anyone would like to take me under their wing or just point me to some good resources it would be much appreciated!

Thanks for this wonderful community, both the designers and the challenge participants!

Re: It's official - I'm finally saying HI!

Let me extend a formal Welcome to you Edina. It is a pleasure having you here with us. I can't believe you get a year for maternity leave in Canada. We get 6 weeks as the standard here in the US. I look forward to seeing your works in the challenges.


Re: It's official - I'm finally saying HI!


Welcome! Love seeing your work in the challenges! Welcome!


Re: It's official - I'm finally saying HI!

Edina hun, I swear I posted in here welcoming you here, and now it is gone...Don't know what happened...
Anywho, WELCOME! I am so happy you joined us here...Sometimes, I think we have more going on here then SBM... lol...Love it there too...
Your layouts are wonderful to look at, and I am glad you share them with all of us here...We are here for each other...Can't ask for better friends...((HUGS))