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Hello From Australia

Hi. I am only very new to scrapbooking. I have discovered though that I have a huge addiction to scrapbooking kits.

I live in Queensland Australia and I have made so many new friends through forums related to scrapbooking. I just love the Hide Find and Design challenges.

Please tell me if I ask too many questions.

Re: Hello From Australia

Hi, welcome Jill. We love making new friends. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the HFD Challenge. Hope to see many posts in the Challenges.

Re: Hello From Australia

Welcome Jill!!! I know the feeling as I share your addiction LOL :) . . . Looking forward to seeing you join the fun :)

Re: Hello From Australia

Hi Jill!

Happy to meet you here :-)

Yes, I'm also designing for the HFD :-)