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Sweetie Pie ~ Girl

I made this to show off my brand new niece Aubree. She's a Halloween baby and I was lucky enough to be able to be there when she was born. It was an experience I will never forget. I made this with Michelle's Sweetie Pie ~ Girl kit.


Re: Sweetie Pie ~ Girl precious she is!!!

She's so tiny! But she looks very healthy and content.
Congrats on your newest family member.

Re: Sweetie Pie ~ Girl

Gorgeous and congrats on the addition. Adorable!

Re: Sweetie Pie ~ Girl

Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Debra C

Re: Sweetie Pie ~ Girl

Thank you everyone! She was actually a good size being 6 weeks early. But she is doing AMAZING!!!! She hasn't needed any assistance with breathing and is eating like a little piggy. She's been doing everything she has to to come home. Only thing left for her to do is gain some weight!