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Hi everyone! I am writing to let you all know about a new project I am doing to give back to my community and I could sure use your help to make this a success.... I am recycling Folger's Coffee containers and filling them with goodies... I am making these to give away at a place called Progressive Arts Senior Center....this place is also to care for people that recently had surgeries or are too sick and can't take care of themselves...I went here after my leg amputation for recovery and therapy....I know how scary it can be to stay somewhere that isn't HOME....and some of these people have no one... So I decided to put together these care packages for the new ones that come in... I am calling them "The Inspirational Buckets"
I decorate the outside, and make some matching things to go inside like calendars/ journal pages, prayer books, cocoa packets, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, pen, brush or comb, etc.... In the last 2 weeks I have spent a little over $200 of my own money for loads of supplies, which also include paper, ink for the printer, sticker paper, and all the bathroom/hygiene products... I delivered 5 today to the home, and plan on delivering more after the weekend.... This gives them a smile on their face and makes them realize that people do care....
I also include a card telling them a little bit about myself and why I am donating these things to them... the hugs and smiles I received today was more then I could was so touching for me...and I am hoping to do this for more facilities as time goes on....

So here is my favor.... I am asking for anyone who can spare even a dollar to go to my blog and hit the donate button... Every little amount helps... OR I am also running a 50% sale at my store for the next 30 days...ALL sales will go to this project...It isn't put together yet, but my CT's and myself are putting together a huge kit that I will hand out to anyone who donates or spends $5 or soon as it is finished it would get sent to anyone who donates now before its have my word...I appreciate any help....thank you from the bottom of my heart...((HUGS))


You can also help out by passing out the word to come here. This is a super blog with an awesome generous person in charge.
Wherever you go, mention this.
If you have a blog, link to this worthy project.
The more people that hear about it, the more Michelle can do. (As if, she didn't do enough for all of us and everyone she meets.)


I will be back in a little while to show off the previews of the huge kit you will receive for anyone who has already purchased or donated $5 or more, and to anyone else who does the same anytime this month....It is so pretty....

AND much thanks to the support I already received....You are helping to brighten up many people's lives in their time of struggle and recovery....Such a great thing that these have accomplished already...and the word is spreading...thanks bunches...Love ya all!



If you click on the images it will take you to full size previews of ALL the kits you get for FREE by donating or purchasing $5 or more....thanks again to all who have supported me in this project...((HUGS))