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A little bit on our Michelle

To all the wonderful people who have been following Michelle, buying her kits, and supporting her in her scrapbooking adventure. I just wanted to stop in and let you know Michelle is still around, but just dealing with a lot right now, money issues (she lost some assistance), her health, family, etc. She will be back to let you all know more of what is happening in her life when she can.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Hugs and Thanks again--- Jana

Re: A little bit on our Michelle

Jana, thank you for the update. I have not had time to do any pages for several months but I still pop in frequently to see what's going on. I had been very concerned by the silence of Michelle so am happy to hear she is okay. Michelle, may God wrap His arms around you and hold you close to Him and fill your heart and mind with peace. May He continue to sustain your health and if it is in His perfect will and will bring glory to His name may He heal you physically in oh so many areas where you have issues. May He open and close all the right doors to get your finances and any other things going on to come into complete accordance with His perfect will for you. And Michelle, may you always know that God is so good and that He loves you so so much. I ask for His perfect will to be done in Jesus name, Amen.