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June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

If you made it here, that means you buzzed to all our should have a total of 14 pieces...from buzzing to 6 different blogs...Makeyesup is also my CT but she doesn't have a blog, so her pieces should have come with Jana's download...Just in case, here are the blog links and the order....

1. Michelle ~
2. Debra ~
3. Heidi ~
4. Linda ~
5. Kathie ~
6. Jana ~

If you don't have 14 pieces, then you missed somebody and need to go back to my blog and start over... Once you collected them all, you need to make a layout using ALL the items and following these simple rules...

*** Use ALL the pieces you collected ***

This time, along with collecting an embie from each blog,
you'll be collecting a paper from each blog!
And you need to use them ALL!

You can use them for backgrounds, turn them into frames,
shapes or anything else your imagination can come up with!

Then make 1 layout, upload it and post your layout here.

Please make sure to leave your email address so I can
send you the links to your Free Mega Kit!

Due to internet down time, the full preview of this
beautiful mega kit isn't ready yet. So I'm posting
the Fun In The Sun color palette for you to see what
gorgeous colors were used!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Here's my attempt:

 photo DebraC-HFD34_Layout_zpsc7ed723d.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Great job Debra!

This HFD is really going to be a Challenge!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Ok, everyone I have enough time to post in here before the internet is down again...there is something wrong with the connection outside, so it will be off again until they fix it... I am not at home, so.... As soon as it is back up and running I will get the preview put together...CT Members, the email isn't even working for me right now either...ugh...I hope everything is ok with Jana and Maureen pieces, if not can someone post them in here? also there might be a short delay in me handing out the huge mega to anyone who participates in the next few hours, don't please don't worry, I will get them sent out and the previews done for you-my CT's as soon as I can...I can't even add my kit in Sometimes I hate technology...shoot, have to go, be back as soon as possible....Bye for now....((HUGS))

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Jana's blog post now has the download link for her's and Maureen's pieces, so everyone can get them there.

For the CT's...I sent a text to Michelle's cell phone so
she knows that all the required pieces are available for
the members.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes
out of ALL those papers!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy scrapping!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Here's mine! Pictures of me at the river last year.
pammyj1023 @

hfd34_pammy photo hfd34_pammy_prv_zps22409bf7.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Great pages ladies. I love what you put together. Can't wait to see what eberyone does. Great use of all the papers so far!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Nice layouts ladies! Just wanted to let you all know that if you complete the Inspirational Quote Challenge your PP is a word art pack that coordinates with our HFD kit

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Nice layout Debra, like how you framed your photos.
Pammy, great look with all the circles.

Here's mine:


Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Great pages so far!!

here is mine

 photo 55756d35-3c5c-40e1-93bb-87cfad76ddda_zps34380d04.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Awesome layouts Maureen and Stephanie. Love what you came up with.

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

WOW! Awesome pages everyone!

Now all I want to do is grab a picnic lunch and head
down to the Lake!

Great use of all those papers too!

*Pammy and Stephanie*

Your mega's have been sent.

Thanks Pammy for your email address...
I've added it to our list for the challenges,
so you'll only need to post it again if you change it.

Enjoy your kits ladies!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Thanks so much everyone for your patience while we were
dealing with some internet and health issues. As a little
'Thank You' I've made a freebie for you that goes with
this kit. It'a a full size set of 4 Flair Photo Frames.

You can either pick it up here on the forum or on my blog.

Here are the direct links to those posts:


My Blog:

Here's a preview of it:

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Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

HFD 34 photo HFD34a_zps523437d6.jpg

Thank you ladies. I love the colours.

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Great job Alida on the use of all those papers!
Love what you did for your layout.

Your mega has been sent!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Ya'll did a great job, fantastic layouts. Ughh I have uploaded this 5 times and it keeps pushing it off to the right and cutting my page off. Will try again in the morning, everything is there but you cant see it now

 photo hfd34-001_zpsc1c0c4dc.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

 photo 2ssd_HFD34_requiredpaper_zps71b7b69c.jpg
i will get this size thing down pat i hope lol.

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

My HFD #34. Having fun in the water.

C:UsersFernDocumentsScrapbook MAX!TemplatesHFD #34 june-screenshot 2.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

I'm having trouble posting. Will try again. My HFD #34 LO.
Water Fun. Worked from Flicker.

HFD #34 june-screenshot

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Will send out the bonus to Sue, Joyce, Debi and Berny, great layouts ladies.

Sorry about how the blog is acting and moving everything to the right. It's hard to see if everything has been used on some of the layouts; however, taking your word for it until Michelle can get this crazy problem straightened out. She's working on it among all the other projects she has going on.
Thanks for doing the challenge.

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

 photo aa98602a-3c9a-4d7b-8102-f897a53dbea3_zps24c17c96.jpg

Here's my attempt at the Hide, Find, & Design challenge!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Lovely layout CC!

Thanks so much for taking part in this challenge.
Your mega has been sent. I hope you enjoy this kit.

I've updated our email challenge list to include
your email, so you won't need to post next time.

** The next HFD challenge starts soon...July 15th, so
everyone please make sure to check out this new Mega! **

While you're waiting....the new Bingo game card has been
posted, the new Color Challenge #2 has also been posted,
and the other 4 challenges in the Challenge section are
still going there is a lot for you to join in on
and as always...some Fantastic prizes!

~Hugs~ Kathie

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

I really hope I did this right.

Can You See Me Now? photo angmag55_dylancanyouseeme8x8a_zps5d4cdf5a.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

 photo 92fbb5b2-776e-4fab-b4d9-e3b291836df9_zpse03d8aea.jpg

Here's my layout. Since this is my first time, I hope I posted it correctly.


Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Good job Peggy and Kimberly. Love your pages!

Your mega kit is on the way!

Thanks so much for participating in this challenge!

Debra C

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Can I still do this challenge and get the freebie kit? I just found you all last week and did the HFD35 challenge.

Thank You

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Yes Linda, you can do any of the old Challenges that are still posted. Go through them as you have time and collect all of the freebies! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Hello... So if I haven't said before I will say it now, these Hunt Find and Designs have inspired me to get some pages done. :-)

 photo Beach_2010_CraftyScraps_HFD34_blog_copy_zps74b254de.jpg

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Great page Melinda. Glad we can inspire you! Your Mega is on it's way!

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

And the last one

Re: June 15th~July 15th (HFD 34)

Love your page Linda. Your mega kit is on the way, as soon as I have gathered all the pieces together.