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Crafty Scraps ~ BINGO!
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Re: Bingo #21

Berny, the only number left is O-64. If that is not the number you have you must have missed a number earlier in the Challenge. I'd suggest starting at the top of the Challenge and go through the numbers again to figure out when you actually did Bingo.

Katherine, cool beans. Berny needs to go back through her card if 64 is not the number she has left. If 64 is the number she has, then unless Alida hit bingo earlier since she has been quiet for a few days, you can send you card in.

I'm not sure how Michelle handles this. I'll let her know we have at least one Bingo and see how she wants to handle it.

Great game everyone!

Re: Bingo #21

Yes O 64 is what I needed.

Re: Bingo #21

Hi everyone

I have been away travelling with infrequent internet access. Today when I checked the bingo, I see that I had BINGO back on the 27th when my remaining number 25 was called. However, since I was somewhat slow in coming forward, it should go to Berny. Lol

Re: Bingo #21


You get a prize as well. Just look through Michelle's store and pick a kit and we will send it to you.

Re: Bingo #21

Thank you so much Debra.
I would love to have Michelle's 'Change of Weather Alpha'

Re: Bingo #21

OK, packing it up and it's on its way!