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HFD #19 Free QP's

I have made 2 qp's from the HFD #19 mega kit. You can get one here and the other one over at my blog-- made them both 12x12 and 8x10 since that is the size I scrap in. Remember if you want the huge mega for free just participate in the challenge. Here is a preview of my LO.

The link to DL is at the bottom--


remember to go get the other one on my blog...each DL has one 8x10 and 12x12

Re: HFD #19 Free QP's

Thank you. I really like them

Re: HFD #19 Free QP's

Nice work!

Re: HFD #19 Free QP's

I seem to have missed this too - really awesome layout! Thanks for sharing!