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Welcome back

Let me just say hey! Hope some the mastfans old timers make thier way here, it sure would be good to here from you guys and share some opions ;). I still need to learn all the ins and outs of this board but i don't think i'll have to much trouble.

ps. don't forget get to enter the code before you post you're message... sorry about this but it does help cut down on board trash.

Re: Welcome back

Hooray! A new board! I'm looking forward to corresponding with everyone again. ****, I missed the "good old days". Maybe we can recreate them in some way.

Re: Welcome back

Hey it is glad to see you two are alive and well. How are you two doing? How is our favorite (retire) driver?

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Re: Welcome back

I wish Rick was still driving. I hope he is doing good, dont hear much about him anymore. Go Rick Mast!!!!!!!!

Re: Welcome back

Hi Mastfans! Great to see the site back again!

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