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old school idols

hello rick. you dont know me of course but my name is steve webb. Im orig. from Hot Springs Va. guess when i was about 14 or 15 yrs old i use to go over to mike tennants body shop and hang out. listened to some storys and just daydream i guess is the word about stock car racing.i ran a few years at natural bridge speedway in a mini stock and built my own stret stock but never seen the track with it. i married when i was 20. my wifes brother and i started running late models at franklin co. Ran into a guy over in a small town in renick W va. Joe Harrison . well thats when he had one of his old arca cars and started running hooters pro cup. i helped joe for about 4 or 5 yrs on and off when i could. heard some good racing stories and he mentioned you alot. anyway i decided to move my wife and son to statesville n.c 5 yrs ago to build craftsman trucks. i often wish that i could of been around the earlier era of stock car racing. just sometimes its over engineered and the fun is taken out of it. i work with marty houston and had always heard about his dad and was pretty cool to meet him. wish alot of you guys were still racing . i just ran into your site on jayski and just thought i would take a few minutes to share my little story with you. hope your health is good and hope to meet you someday.

Re: old school idols

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