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Thanks For The Opportunity

Hey Rick...How are you doing? I stumbled across your site while looking for some other items. Just wanted to take a monent to say Hey and also say thanks for allowing me the opportunity to spot for you when you drove for Cale Yarborough and Larry Hedrick in the late 90's. I'm still at it, actually headed to Vegas this weekend to spot for Johnny Benson at the truck race. I've had the opportunity to live a dream, from the days of sitting in the stands as a fan, and it is partly thanks to you and Hut Stricklin. I've worked for a lot drivers and been able to be behind the scenes for 15 years now.....and there is not a more down to earth driver out their than you. I consider it a honor to have worked with you. The sport has changed a bunch and there are still great prople involved, but there are not to many left like you and Hut. Hope your health is good and the family doing well. Mark Gregory