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Hi Rick! Thanks for the memories.

Hi Rick,

I just stumbled across this site through jayski and I wanted to tell you how much I miss seeing you and others like you on the track. Racing has changed so much in the last few years, and in my opinion, not always for the better. It's becoming so commercialized that it's not as exciting as it once was. How I miss the days when guys like Richard Petty, Harry Gant, and yourself were on the track. I have had the privilege of meeting you a couple times through the years. The first was in 1987 at a Pannill Knitting/NASCAR softball game in Martinsville Va. The 2nd time, I literally bumped into you at a mall in Roanoke Va. I am disabled and I literally bumped you with my wheelchair. You turned around and I couldn't believe it was actually you. I remember you took the time to talk to me about racing for a few minutes that day. What a treat. I hope your health is improving and you're doing much better. Take care and God bless.