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Re: Gee quote does not deny evolution or common descent.

I bet 5 bucks that she's looking for some more quotes to try to discredit A. afarensis.

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Replying to:

It is interesting to see that you are still trying to misuse the Gee quote to support your position.

We talked about the Gee quote earlier. He was offended by the Discovery Institute dishonestly cherry picking his work to try to deny evolution. Gee accepts evolution and common descent. His statement says nothing opposing a common ancestor between humans and Australopithecus aferensis.

As I indicated in the last post and earlier ones on this subject, the consensus has been for some time that A. aferensis is not a direct ancestor. That does not refute that Lucy is a transitional species. It simply means that aferensis was not directly in the line of human ancestory.

Other fossils are indeed closer and are considered more likely to be ancestoral.

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