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Read the whole article and think about how you have represented Gee.

Let's break it down for you.

He is a scientist who accepts the validity of the theory of evolution and common descent.

His quotation had nothing to do with any dispute about the validity of Lucy as a transitional. Beyond that, his point in "In Search of Deep Time" was only that researchers should not claim direct lineage that they can't establish with evidence. No one here in this thread claimed that Lucy was ancetoral to humans. She was, however, transitional and neither Gee nor competent scientists deny that fact.

He was specifically talking about how creationists misrepresent his views to support a position that neither he nor the evidence supports.

Finally, I think he sums up your problem pretty nicely in point 4 of his response to Jonathan Wells dishonest quote mining.

"In addition, the use by creationists of selective, unauthorized quotations, possibly with intent to mislead the public undermines their position as self-appointed guardians of public values and morals."

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