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Just a couple things ...

First, as seen on this board, when I ask evolutionists to pick just ONE of these 'transitional forms,' the board gets suddenly silent.
Pick one, and we'll go through it with you and when we are finished with that one, we will have you pick another. (It must have slipped your mind, Arneson.)

Secondly, we encourage everyone to go to the postings specifically covering the 'walking whales' folly. It's a very sad indicator of what is considered 'science.'(The postings are a couple of pages back.)

Thirdly, evolutionists have yet to see a quote from their peers that they like. So, instead of providing evidence that contradicts the damaging quotes, they cry 'quote mining' and try to put the attention on silly 'out of context' accusations.
It's really a bad strategy, guys, but go ahead and keep using it if you think people actually take you seriously.

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Replying to:

There are plenty of tranistional forms that have been found.


The fossil evidence for macroevolutionary change is strong, but it is not the only line of evidence. The one thing that has become more obvious is that many other areas of science have come together to substantiate the truth of the evolutionary theory of the development and diversity of life. For example, up until the last couple of decades, creationists would crow about the lack of whale precursors. They riciculed the theory that whales came from earlier land mammals. Then scientists like Gingerich and Thewissen started finding whale intermediates.

Biochemical evidence from studies in the 1950's in the form of protein similarities indicated that whales were most closely related to ungulates. By testing a variety of mammals scientists concluded that cows shared more proteins in common than the other non-ungulate mammals. More inclusive studies along this line concluded that hippos were the closest related to whales of the ungulates. Genetic evidence recently has confirmed that affinity within ungulates.

Recent fossil evidence shows that ancient whales shared a peculiar ankle arrangement with artiodactyls, or even-toed ungulates. The atragalus of one of the early whales, pakicetids is shared with all artiodactyls. This confirms earlier lines of evidence from both protein and genetic evidence.

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