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Yes, do read the whales postings.

WiYC said:
"Secondly, we encourage everyone to go to the postings specifically covering the 'walking whales' folly. It's a very sad indicator of what is considered 'science.'(The postings are a couple of pages back.)"

Yes, read how very specific characteristics of cetacean (whale) ears were present in terrestrial ancestors. These characteristics persisted as the whale ear evolved to a system better adapted for life in the water.

Read how these terrestrial whales shared a specific ankle structure (the astragalus) that is common to even-toed ungulates (artiodactyls). Note that this structure persisted even after whales became marine creatures.

Other morphological characteristics correspond with the changing lifestyle of these creatures from fully terrestrial to obligate aquatic animals. Legs, hips, spine, and skulls all evolve to forms more suitable to aquatic life. Note that the teeth provide further evidence of this change in oxygen isotope ratios. These animals moved from land out to sea and the elements in their teeth document this occurred.

Note that protein and genetic evidence also pointed to an artiodactyl ancestory of whales. Also note that the age of the fossils corresponds with the geological changes in the eastern end of the Tethys sea where these early whales evolved.

Finally, notice that WiYC can't explain any of this evidence and finally drops each and every point.

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