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Re: Your "Context" Adds Nothing

You seem to be unable to understand even the simplest concept with any kind of clarity, but since you cannot grasp even a few words and yet have put up all of those paragraphs, I will focus in on a few key words and phrases. And even though you have elevated obtuseness to an art form, other readers will no doubt see exactly what I am talking about

My goodness! Let's take the personal attacks out of this, shall we? You're coming off as a little gruff, if not defensive.

"The EXTREME RARITY of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology."

Do you know what the phrase "extreme rarity" means? It means that not only are any forms that can be construed to be transitional RARE, they are EXTEMELY RARE!

I certainly understand what "extremely rare" means. What you miss is that is does NOT mean "does not exist". There are "extremely rare" precious metals on this earth - that does not mean they do not exist.

Give me time to read the book and get back to you on this debate. I see how you are interpreting these quotes, but I really believe you are misunderstanding the message of Gould, and I *know* you are misinterpreting the message of Darwin.

But I'd also like to know, and I think you owe me an answer on this one (as I have asked many times), is of the support for evolution that has been found SINCE the publication of the book in OTHER sciences... the DNA evidence for example. Why do all these sciences support the theory?

Also - what is your alternate conclusion for what is seen in the fossil record? Certainly we must have SOME explanation.

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