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Perhaps you should inform yourself about this before claiming HYPOCRACY.

John said:
"Yet those fossil records do not substantiate evolution. Darwin thought they would, hoped they would, but even Gould had to admit that gradualism is not verified in the rocks, period, and Darwin was wedded to gradualism. That is why Gould came up with PE, which is in contrast to gradualism, but rather than admit that Darwin was bust on gradualism, most evolutionists refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth of the matter. They change the theory without acknowledging that is what they are doing, and there remains no consensus as to which theory they are using at any given time. The result is, they have no physical proof that macroevolution happened, yet they continue to believe it. Believing things for which you have no physical evidence is not hard science, it is religion, or faith more correctly, and that is fine, but don't try to hide it under the rubric of science. Science at some point requires hard proof, and evolutionists simply don't have it. Yet they continue to go beyond the actual evidence and insist that everyone accept their presumed fanciful speculations as Truth, thus breaking the very rules that they insist that others strictly observe--and that is called HYPOCRISY. It is embarrassing to any honest, fair-minded, objective person who has no ax to grind, and it is not science."

Did you actually read the essay by Gould? Darwin's assumption of phyletic gradualism was that an assumption. The evidence did not support Darwin's assumption of smooth steady evolution of whole or most of the individuals of a species. Read this FAQ. It gives an understanding of the thinking of scientists on this issue.

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