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Evolutionists Assert that Dolphins Evolved from Dog-like Animals

Re: Did Dolphins Evolve from Dogs?

Date: Tue Feb 1 09:58:26 2000
Posted By: Diane Kelly, Post-doc/Fellow, Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 943359334.Ev

Evolution is nothing more than a statement that living things have changed over time. As such, it is not a scientific theory -- it is a fact. Paleontologists have found fossils of thousands of ancient species that are similar, but not identical, to related modern species. There are scientific theories that try to explain how evolution might occur, but no biologist doubts that living organisms have changed over time.

If you understand that living things change over time, it's easy to see that whales couldn't have evolved from dogs, because whales and dogs are both modern animals, so neither animal can be the ancestral species from which the other evolved. In fact, the oldest known whale fossils are 49 million (49,000,000) years old, while the earliest known remains of domestic dogs are only 12,000 years old. Dogs are much younger than whales! Even the earliest known fossil canids are younger than the oldest whale fossils.

But whales (and dolphins, and all other members of the order Cetacea ) did evolve from a group of doglike animals that were closely related to the ancestors of ungulates like antelope and moose. These extinct animals -- called mesonychids -- had hooves on the ends of their legs, but the shape of their teeth suggest that they were meat- eating and probably predators.

The most complete fossil of an early whale is called Ambulocetus ("walking whale") . It lived in the area that is now Pakistan about 49 million years ago. The paleontologists who found the fossil could tell it was a whale by the shape of its ear bones, but it also had projections on its vertebrae similar to those found in mesonychids, and four well- developed legs. Later whale fossils have smaller and smaller back legs; all that is left of the legs in modern whales is a remnant of their hips buried deep in their bodies.

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Here we supposedly have a dolphin evolving from a dog-like animal, so don't tell me that I have no idea about the utter nonsense you people indulge in.

It has even been proposed and accepted in many circles that the disappearance of the dinosaurs is due to the "fact" that they all turned into birds.

I have never heard of such juvenile nonsense in my entire life. There is nothing you people will not believe, no matter how outlandish.

What a joke!

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Replying to:

John said:
"And even if some new species are produced, they are really just subspecies and it cannot be demonstrated that they have the ability to turn into a another whole new animal, such as a fly turning into a bird, or a dog turning into a dolphin. That absurd proposition is what you evolutionists speculate on all the time, and you have absolutely no proof that such a thing has ever happened."

NO Evolutionary scientist would propose such a transition. It would not be an example of evolution. It would be an argument disproving evolution. You really should know something about the subject you are talking about before spouting off.

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