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Re: Evolutionists Assert that Dolphins Evolved from Dog-like Animals

John said:
"Here we supposedly have a dolphin evolving from a dog-like animal, so don't tell me that I have no idea about the utter nonsense you people indulge in.

It has even been proposed and accepted in many circles that the disappearance of the dinosaurs is due to the "fact" that they all turned into birds.

I have never heard of such juvenile nonsense in my entire life. There is nothing you people will not believe, no matter how outlandish.

What a joke!"

I haven't read the first source cited by the post you copied, but I have read the other two. They would be of some help to your understanding of whale evolution.

Whales did evolve from ungulates and are most closely related to artiodactyls. Pakicetids have ears that share specific characteristics only with extant whales. Their ankle bones had the unique astragalus that both later aquatic whales and all artiodactyls share. Read some of Prof. Thewissen's papers and Zimmer's book. They make a solid case.

As for your dinosaur statement, it is clear that you don't understand what has been proposed by science. Nearly all of the dinosaurs were wiped out. It is clear that there was an impact near the end of their time on earth. Whether that is largely responsible for their demise or simply the last straw has been debated. Birds are closely related to theropod dinosaurs. Many of them had feathers and other more avian characteristics. Birds were able to survive, and are the last of the dinosaurs.

There is a reason that God gave us a brain. He expects us to use it. These scientists are doing God's work by applying that brain power to questions of the survival of life on earth. To dismiss this work as juvenile nonsense indicates that you are happy to continue to misunderstand how we got here. That is your choice, although I think not a very wise nor respectful one.

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