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Re: Enough montificating - Where is your evidence?

WiYC said:
"Antibiotic resistant bacteria evolution:
Why is it that NO bacteria have been discovered that possess more complexity and … why are they still bacteria?"

Do you have a source for that? I am sure that you have done an exhaustive search of all of the scientific literature showing that no bacteria has ever evolved greater complexity. Maybe you should rethink that in light of bacteria that developed the ability to consume recently developed nylon oligoemrs. I am sure that you have a creationist explanation for nylon eating bacteria.

"2 Bacteria that eat nylon

Well, no, they don't actually eat nylon; they eat short molecules (nylon oligoemrs) found in the waste waters of plants that produce nylon. They metabolize short nylon oligomers, breaking the nylon linkages with a couple of related enzymes. Since the bonds involved aren't found in natural products, the enzymes must have arisen since the time nylon was invented (around the 1940s). It would appear this happened by new mutations in that time period.

These enzymes which break down the nylon oligomers appear to have arisen by frameshift mutation from some other gene which codes for a functionally unrelated enzyme. This adaptation has been experimentally duplicated. In the experiments, non-nylon-metabolizing strains of Pseudomonas were grown in media with nylon oligomers available as the primary food source. Within a relatively small number of generations, they developed these enzyme activities. This would appear to be an example of documented occurrence of beneficial mutations in the lab."

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