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Re: What an Incredible Admission

One more glaring example of scientificated Just So stories. It is obscene that the minds of little children are being warped with such lies, and the people in charge know it and allow it to continue unchallenged. I am truly shocked.

1. One more "glaring example" of a quote out of context (read Arneson's responses)
2. Do you have any evidence that the "people in charge know it"?
3. Who are the "people in charge"?

I am reminded of a scene in Anchorman (Will Ferrell movie) with Steve Carrell's character -- LOUD NOISES! I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT!

If you are so utterly shocked and disturbed and consider it obscene, take it to where it's supposed to go, get it fixed! Why waste your time with two guys on an online forum? Stop being an armchair quarterback! Tell your legislators! Go to your nearest school board! Tell them evolution is wrong and it should be replaced by Creation or Intelligent Design!

Oh wait...
Kitzmiller vs. Dover

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