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Give your evidence of fat pad containment and explanation of development

Failing to note that, without fat pads, there is NO hearing via the jaw.

Again, we ask for your precise step-by-step creation of the fat pads through random mutation and natural selection.

If you can't articulate properly, given free use of fantasy, you CANNOT claim it occurs miraculously.

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Replying to:

WiYC tries to
"The (alleged) proportionately larger mandibular foramen does not prove containment of fat pads. Without fat pads, there is no hearing capability through the jaw.

Considering that there would be more nerves, vessels, and arteries passing through the foramen due to Ambulocetus’ jaw being proportionately larger (than body size) than Pakicetus, it’s only faith that would have evolutionists believe that this is in anyway proof for Ambulocetus having the ability to hear underwater."

The measure of the mandibular foramen for these whales is already relative to the size of the animal. We see more than a doubling between pakicetids and ambulocetids. Because it is a relative measurement, it already takes into account the extra nerve and vessel size required. It took multiple posts on my part trying to explain the concept of relative measurement before you finally dropped the discussion. Now you come back months later trying to revive a point long lost by you.

The species following ambulocetids have mandibular foramen at minimum 1.5 times greater than ambulocetids relative to each creatures body size with the other more than doubling the relative measurement. I offered to come over and explain ratios to you. I am still willing to help you with your math.

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