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The Lore of Evolutionism

Really, Arneson, you are not the Lord and Arbiter of Evolution. The nonsense of dinosaurs turning into birds is widespread, and many "scientists" ascribe to it. I never heard one peep from any authority deploring the imprecise language when the PBS special came out, no, no, it was greeted with oohs and ahhs all around. And that is so because the lore of evolutionism requires such fantastic statements to keep the masses enthralled. In any case we are not narrowly debating only what you consider evolution to be, but what it is represented as in the world at large.

But this proves my point, that evolutionism is not real science, rather it is an evolving collection of scientificated Just So stories. It is an -ism, a belief system not based in physical reality, but on humanist faith.

It is profoundly anti-reason and irrational at its core.

And THAT is the burning truth.

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Replying to:

My point was and is that no one HERE said any of those things. You found someone that did say that. However, don't blame me for their poor writing about avian evolution.

I have several problems with the quote. First, the language makes it seem that Pterosaurs were what was "turning into birds". This is flat wrong. A cursory comparason of anatomy would tell you that. Even if the author was talking about dinosaurs "turning into birds", that language is far too imprecise. It implies that all dinosaurs became birds. A truly ridiculous proposition. That is not how birds evolved. If you have been laboring under the impression that is how scientists viewed bird evolution I am sorry you found that article. It is wrong.

I would recommend this book - "Taking Wing: rchaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight" by Pat Shipman. It gives a good summary of the evidence, thinking and battles in the science of bird evolution.

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