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Evolution is true because it has met the test.

WiYC said:
"3. Yes, another admission of "Evolution is true only because there is NO other naturalistic explanation."

Evolution is nothing but your faith in the unseen and unproven, not science."

Evolution is true because it better explains the development and diversity of life on earth. It explain the evidence that we see of life changing over time. It explains the long history of life and the commonalities that we see both in specific kinds of life and all life on earth.

There are other naturalistic explanations besides evolution by natural selection, such as Lamarckism. They don't hold up.

Creationism is not science. There is no evidence for it. Evolution on the other hand has plenty of evidence. The whale sequence provides eloquent evidence of a transformation of creatures from terrestrial to marine. We see graduated changes in body parts and in the function of those parts. Creationism asks us to stop thinking and accept a view of the world that is at odds with this evidence. Evolution explains this evidence.

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