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Evolution explains the changes in whale hearing.

From WiYC's posting:

"Again, we ask for your precise step-by-step creation of the fat pads through random mutation and natural selection.
If you can't articulate properly, given free use of fantasy, you CANNOT claim it occurs miraculously."

WiYC then said:
"By the way, if you ever do give it a stab, remember that you must also connect all the wiring to the brain so that vibrations can be reacted to. Otherwise, your natural selection hypothesis is null and void."

Nerves are already going to the jaw that is one of the functions of the mandibular foramen. These nerves will sense vibrations. Fat is everywhere in marine mammals. Blubber is found from tip to tail. It provides a couple of advantages in terms of food storage and as insulation. It serves other functions in modern whales. In dolphins, it aid in locomotion by helping the whipping action of the tail. It also is the main constituent of the mellon used in echolocation and is in the mandibular foramen aiding hearing.

The mandibular foramen increased dramatically in relative size at the same time that whale's ear bones were changing and whales were becoming more aquatic. It does not seem far-fetched that a substance so common in a whale might be stored in a space that evolved. Especially when that storage provides an competative advantage. Whales that store more fat there gain even more. At each step, the whale is better off with fat stored than not.

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