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Re: Critical analysis of evolution only

WhoIsYourCreator is NOT advocating replacing evolution with creation or Intelligent Design.

Well I'm sorry, but you HAVE to address this point, because it is the next logical step if you are successful at your aim.

(and I've posted this before but you deleted it the last time)

Let's say you succeed, and evolution is proven wrong and is no longer taught in school. What's to take its place? Certainly you can't expect there to be a void there... would you expect that science classes would just SKIP OVER what is generally considered one of the most important studies of science - the origins of mankind? Spend their time with something else?

You have something waiting in the wings to replace it and you KNOW IT. You ARE silently advocating creation or ID -- and that's just not gonna happen. Period. Again, I refer you to Kitzmiller vs Dover.

Evolution MAY be wrong! It's possible! But it's currently the best explanation of what we see in the world. Until we find a better explanation, evolution is it. But I will tell you, creation or ID will certainly NOT be taking its place.

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