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Different plan of attack?

In regard to your comment:

"I have no burden to prove anything to you."

Then, why have you been trying for so long?

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Replying to:

WiYC said:
"2. You have repeatedly claimed that evolution has been proven, so the burden of proof it yours, not for us to prove creation. Provide your evidence."

Evolution is the accepted scientific theory explaining the development and diversity of life on earth. It is the best explanation of the evidence we have. It has been repeatedly tested and met the test for almost a century and a half. I have no burden to prove anything to you. If you choose to ignore science, more the pity for you. Burying you head in the sand will not make the scientific evidence go away.

The only way for you to defeat evolution is to provide a better scientific theory. If you don't, won't or can't, evolution stands.

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