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We have and it seems to keep slipping your mind.

WiYC said:
" 1. You can't produce ANY organism that became more complex by mutations and natural selection."

Actually, I already did with the nylon eaters. The function did not exist before nylon existed.

From Nylonase Enzymes
Post of the Month: April 2004 TalkOrigins
by Ian Musgrave
"Now, it is obvious that the gene(s) for hydrolysing nylon cannot have been present from the beginning, as in the absence of the substrate (nylon, not present before 1930), the gene product is non-functional, and the gene would be mutated to uselessness (or an entirely different function) in a few hundred years by random mutations, let alone thousands."

It couldn't be done with a loss of information.
"Faced with such an obvious production of a new gene with a novel function, the first thing creationists tried to do was claim this was a loss of information, that the nylonases represented a protein-digesting protein (protease) that had lost substrate specificity. That of course didn't fly, as the nylonases are exquisitely specific, act on no known amide bond other than the nylon beta amide bond, and have no relationship to any known protease."

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