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Your claims of more complexity?

Since you obviously understand this so well, please give us the specific details of why the clams are MORE genetically complex ... and you must reference your 'findings.'

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Replying to:

Since you obviously refuse to read this paper, I'll spell it out for you. This saxitoxin binding site has NOTHING to do with saxitoxin metabolism. This is an argument that you dreamed up out of thin air.

I have argued all along that this mutation results in a tremendous improvement in this organism's chances for survival. You have denied this fact all along, with this dreamed up argument that these clams can no longer metabolize saxitoxin. Again, this is an argument that you dreamed up out of thin air. It has no basis in reality.

Please stay on topic here. This particular topic has nothing to do with an increase in complexity, it has everything to do with single point mutations resulting in drastic increases in an organism's chances for survival.

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