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Darwin's Standard v. Unclear Thinking

I will repeat what I stated before: Darwin was honest about the strengths and weaknesses of his theory, and he was respectful enough of the fact that he could be wrong to say:

"The geological record is extremely imperfect and this fact will to a large extent explain why we do not find INTERMINABLE VARIETIES, connecting together all the extinct and existing forms of life BY THE FINEST GRADUATED STEPS. He who rejects these views ON THE NATURE OF THE GEOLOGICAL RECORD will rightly reject my whole theory."

-Quoted from "The Panda's Thumb," page 181, by S.J. Gould. Caps mine.

Yes, Gould later stated that transitional forms are abundant between larger groups (a DIFFERENT STANDARD then the one Darwin laid out, please note), which is where we are now. That skinny little twig is all evolutionists have to hold into, and the reason it is so specious is because similarities in certain anatomical structures does NOT necessarily dictate common descent. Period. Going beyond that is going beyond the evidence.

Darwin's standard required that "interminable varieties" of fossils clearly showing "the finest graduated steps" were to be found for his theory to hold up. Words mean things--he said it and he meant it. Nothing like that exists, even after all the multiplied millions and millions of fossils that have been found and catalogued.

All the evolutionists have are fully-formed animals with a few similar anatomical structures, but any small, gradual changes leading up to the supposed "evolved creatures" are completely lacking.

In other words, the "missing links" are all still missing. In fact, the only links evolutionists have, are the sausage links they may have had for breakfast.

Think of it. Millions and millions and millions of missing links, all nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be found, because they don't exist. And they don't exist because evolution of the macro kind is simply not true.

This is where you people engage in fantastic leaps of logic, and up to now, you have been somewhat successful. But in this information age, as more and more people see the actual evidence that you do not have, they will doubt you more and more, as they should.

And they will bow out of your very, very odd little religion.

By that statement, Darwin seems to have retained the integrity of his soul, and that is a prize beyond any price.

And THAT is the burning truth.

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