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I think you are mistaken as usual.

WiYC said:
"Thank you for claiming that evolution can't stand on its own merit."

That is not what I said. This is what I said.

"Evolution is established science whether you like it or not. To counter evolution, you need to provide a better explanation than evolution. That means the burden has been on creationists for some time to provide a scientifically valid theory that better explains the evidence we see in the world. I have been telling you this for quite some time, many times.

You don't like it. However, once a theory is well establishe only a better theory will unseat it. Creationists have not even presented a testable hypothesis much less a full blown theory."

Creationists are free to join the scientific fray. They just need to start practicing science. In order to overturn evolution, you need to have a better scientific theory.

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