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The threads show who is fantasizing when it comes to whale evolution.

A review of the thread shows that questionable quotemines and unreliable creationists sources are the only arguments WiYC presents. When an argument is refuted, she returns to repeat the same untenable argument.

An example is WiYC selecting a sentence here and a sentence there from an article trying to establish that Pakicetus, the first whale in the sequence was terrestrial. Well, seeing as the sequence documents the transition of mammals from land to the sea, one would expect that the first in this sequence would indded be terrestrial.

Of course, WiYC ignores the conclusion of the very section that she has been quoting from explaining how the evidence fits together.

"Together these pelvises form an excellent transitional series, in which ambulocetids and remintonocetids retain all elements of land mammals, and protocetids lose the fused sacrum (Rodhocetus) and the iliosacral joints (Georgiacetus) and have some short femurs (in known forms). Basilosaurids and dorundontids have greatly reduced hind limbs and reduced ilia, while still retaining the acetabulum and foramen of the innominates. Only vestiges of these structures are present in modern whales."

‘Whale Origins as a Poster Child for Macroevolution’ J.G. M Thewissen and Sunil Bajpai, December 2oo1 / Vol. 51 No. 12, BioScience (1043)"

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