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Another round of the "Let's See How Evolution Works" game - August 4th

My postings to evolutionists:

We stopped at Ambulocetus because you couldn't get your land mammals to hop in the water yet. Would you like to go on to another 'walking whale' or a bird transition offered on your recent posting:

We could start with Sinosauropteryx prima ('bird') as I think it would be very fun and interesting!

You pick it - Back to whales or 'birds'?

Would you like to start with Sinosauropteryx prima or back to 'walking whales'?

Earth to Arneson:

The question was:

Would you like to start with Sinosauropteryx prima or back to 'walking whales'?


As you can see, I offered the CHOICE between two of evolutionist's favorite 'transitions,' but since they couldn't make up their mind and thought I had time for two at a time, I get to pick the subject.

And the winner is ...

Bird evolution beginning with Sinosauropteryx prima!

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