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Did you forget I did respond twice, and you responded only 45 minutes before your tirade?

This is my response from a earlier posting on this very thread.

From: http://pub17.bravenet.com/forum/1424646898/fetch/727123/1
In regard to your comment:

"More specifically, three different specific SINE transpositions have been found in the same chromosomal locations of cetaceans (whales), hippos, and ruminants, all of which are closely related according to the standard phylogenetic tree. However, all other mammals, including camels and pigs, lack these three specific transpositions (Shimamura 1997)."

Please refer to contradictory scientific evidence:

"These results have major repercussions for phylogenetic analyses based on SINE insertions, indicating the need for caution when one concludes that the existence of a SINE at a specific locus in multiple individuals is indicative of common ancestry. Although independent insertions at the same locus may be rare, SINE insertions are not homoplasy-free phylogenetic markers."

From 'Genetics' June 2001 158(2) 769-777 published by Genetics Society of America:

Would you like to contact talkorigins to have them update their 'scientific' website?

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