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Amazing admission! There ARE NOT FEATHERS - YET ... Thank you!

In regard to your comment:

"It is not conclusive at this point what the structures are."

So you believe that TalkOrigins is completely honest in claiming,

"Sinosauropteryx prima. A dinosaur covered with primitive feathers ..."

Interesting standard of honesty!

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Replying to:

WiYC said:
"2. Did you happen to read the last sentence in your series of quotes?
'More research, including cross-section and chemical analysis, could determine whether they are protofeathers, feathers, or something totally unrelated.'"

Yes. I noted that. I think that is still true. It is not conclusive at this point what the structures are. This is the way science is supposed to work. Unlike Feduccia or creationists, science tries to understand the world not dismiss it because the evidence makes you uncomfortable.

I wanted to quote these scientists to indicate that they are indeed the same group I cited from "Bones of Contention". This would mean that you were indeed mistaken in your earlier post. I also wanted to make it clear that there are different camps in this debate and that their differing positions are important in understanding the quotes you are using.

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