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You May be Right


You may be right about Darwin's quote. I will check it out this weekend and get back to you. If it is taken far out of context it is a disservice. If not, it is pertinent. I do know that assertions that Gould's Panda quotes are taken out of context are baseless, at least as far as the quotes I have used are concerned, because I have the book. May I suggest you get a copy of The Panda's Thumb? You can get it used on Amazon for .99 cents (or new in the store for $16.00), and everyone who cares about the subject should have a copy. He brings up PE in the chapter I often quote from.

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That quote of Dawkins' is taken so far out of context that I won't dignify it with a response. I strongly suggest you carefully question everything that you read in the Azar book. I also suggest you find that quote (I believe it's from The Blind Watchmaker), read it in context, and then decide if you trust Larry Azar.

Finally, I accept that there are parts of Darwin's original theory that have required modification to better fit the last 150 years of observation. These aspects are minor and do not change the fundamental tenets of the theory. Modification of this type is ubiquitous is science and has occurred for EVERY theory that has ever been proposed.

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