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Where is your proof?

In regard to your comment:

"The evidence for PE is the fact that a large number of fossils exist with distinctive, "fully formed" features, while a very small number of fossils exist in which features are intermediate between an ancestor and its progeny."

Provide ONE example of an intermediate with "partially formed" features or explain in detail why they don't exist.

How nice that at least SOME TRUTH is getting to students:

“Most of the animal phyla that are represented in the fossil record first appear, ‘fully formed,’ in the Cambrian some 550 million years ago...The fossil record is therefore of no help with respect to the origin and early diversification of the various animal phyla."

Richard S K Barnes, Peter Calow, Peter J. W. Olive, David W. Golding and John Spicer, ‘The Invertebrates: A New Synthesis’ (textbook), Updated 2000, Blackwell Publishing

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