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Here is the chance to prove your rhetoric

Are you aware that this is called the "Let's See How Evolution Works" game?

You had requested that I start a new thread,
( http://pub17.bravenet.com/forum/1424646898/fetch/746839/ ) so here it is.

Since you so clearly understand how mutatations and natural selection drive evolution, please share with us the likely scenario of mutations creating some of the components for hearing. Please be specific as this shouldn't be difficult for you considering your claimed vast knowledge of the process:

1. The first 3 random mutations creating just ONE mechanically gated hair cell
2. The first 3 random mutations in creating the ‘wiring’ for the electrical signals that need to transmit to the brain
3. The first 3 random mutations that would create the receptors that receive and react to the signals
4. The first 3 mutations needed to connect everything together while you're at it.
Unless, everything gets linked together, nothing by itself will produce pressure sensitivity, which is about as basic as you can get in the evolution of hearing.

These links might help you with the mechanics of it all:

Here are some other challenges that none of you were up for:


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