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Try Reading More Carefully


Monkeys to men is a metaphor. Did you notice I used the phrase "as it were?" Another equivalent in English is "so to speak." Everyone knows what is being spoken of are supposed common ancestors to apes and humans, and everyone knows that monkeys have tails and apes don't.

You are being tedious.

Please be observant enough to discern the figurative from the literal.

As to your question about jumping genes possibly being beneficial, I find what you are suggesting to be preposterous. First, most genomes are disabled and cannot be repaired after being assaulted by your jumping genes, but even so, blindly inserting gene sequences in between DNA code and saying that such a willy-nilly process will result in an intelligent, productive addition to that code, is like trying to repair a damaged and unknown computer code by randomly typing in letters and numbers. It would take a million years at least, just to get one complicated sequence exactly right. If there are tens of thousand of perfect genes working together that are required for a human brain to develop properly, that would require that many new sequences to be developed randomly.

I repeat what Bruce Lahn from the University of Chicago said about the genetic basis of brain evolution:

"The caveat is that there are many such genes. It takes thousands, if not tens of thousands, for the brain to develop."

I have never heard such absurd nonsense in all my life. Just because something COULD happen in a hundred thousand lifetimes, is no proof that it did happen.

You should be ashamed as an intelligent adult to engage in such silliness. What a waste of time.

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Replying to:

John, the only people who suggest that monkeys turn into men are you and Julie.

You still didn't answer my question, though. You've told me that transposons wreak havoc MOST of the time, but I'm not interested in what happens MOST of the time, I want to know what happens the rest of the time. So...what happens the rest of the time?

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