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Do you have better answers?

>However, you are unable to articulate, even when given the license for fantasy,
>a reasonable scenario for those events occuring.

First of all, even if Brian or someone else were to answer AS a hypothesis, you would very well jump down their throat for the research papers to back it up, etc etc. I certainly wouldn't oppose that request, but the simple fact is that there are no papers for these specific questions yet, so answering from a hypothetical nature serves this debate none.

Secondly, you are assuming that because these answers are not currently known that they CANNOT be known and that they will NEVER be known. That, unfortunately for you, is a false conclusion. You are speaking like the Greeks or Romans with respect to lightning bolts - "we don't know how that works! we'll never know how that works! the gods did it!". You belittle the human race by saying "it can't be discovered".

Thirdly, you are asking for detail that is simply impossible at this point. Are you asking for the numbers and positions of the changes in a DNA strand that would cause these effects? Do you realize how unrealistic that question is given today's technology? Are you going to be OK with the answer when it DOES come within your lifetime (assuming you've got 20-30 years left or so [my personal estimation])?

Thirdly, supposing that evolution doesn't work this way, and we are instead to study creation, could I pose simpler, even more dramatic questions to you that YOU should be able to answer as well? I will not *officially* pose these questions for you to answer, simply because this board is about evolution and not creation, but IF the tables were turned, would one be valid in asking these questions:

Using known research and known sources, including the Bible:
1. The first chemical reactions God used to create flesh and organs from dirt
2. The first few processes God used to create plants/animals from nothing (you must take the conservation of energy law into account)
Unless these two basic "where do things come from" questions are answered, we have less answers about the origin of things than ToE, even though IT is not complete.

You tell me, which is more practical?

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