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"Obvious" science?

"They did not put on clothes and start shaving by having their paws change into hands and fingers (as Darwin generally postulated), because they did not turn into Canis humanus."

For crying out loud, when did Darwin say that WOLVES are a common ancestor to humans? Good grief, man, you know as well as I know that Canines are a completely different "branch of the tree".

"This really is self-evident, and I deplore all of the time, money, and effort that goes into denying the obvious."

Yup. Bingo. Just what I was saying. Creationism is a "science stopper".

Why EXACTLY is it obvious? Because "changes are small", it "tends to revert to the original code", they "seem to have a master plan", and they don't "seem to go much beyond that"?

What is this magical "barrier" that prevents DNA from changing "too much"? How does it work? What is this "plan"? How can we figure this out?

Why am I asking these questions? Oh yea, BECAUSE IT'S NOT OBVIOUS.

What makes it obvious to you? Verses in the Bible?

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