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Would you like to explain this?

Evolution predicts that mutations are accumulated and passed down, but organisms can miraculously restore their DNA several generations AFTER a mutation has occurred.

“Here we show that Arabidopsis plants homozygous for recessive mutant alleles of the organ fusion gene HOTHEAD5 (HTH) can inherit allele-specific DNA sequence information that was not present in the chromosomal genome of their parents but was present in previous generations. This previously undescribed process is shown to occur at all DNA sequence polymorphisms examined and therefore seems to be a general mechanism for extra-genomic inheritance of DNA sequence information. We postulate that these genetic restoration events are the result of a template-directed process that makes use of an ancestral RNA-sequence cache.”

“Here, we show that a rice triploid and diploid hybridization resulted in stable diploid progenies, both in genotypes and phenotypes, through gene homozygosity. Furthermore, their gene homozygosity can be inherited through 8 generations, and they can convert DNA sequences of other rice varieties into their own. Molecular-marker examination confirmed that this type of genome-wide gene conversion occurred at a very high frequency. Possible mechanisms, including RNA-templated repair of double-strand DNA, are discussed.”

I predict that you will state the organism 'decided' that the niche it was going to fill wasn't the niche it should fill afterall.

When and if you guys ever come up with something more scientific, let us know.

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Replying to:

>So are you saying that 3 mutations to this gene or that 3 people got such a mutation?

The way I'm reading this article, there were 3 individuals that had the mutation. This would support the idea of a "convergent evolution" in this context.

Re: The 3 mutations - by Joe W. - May 2, 2008 2:44pm
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