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That is your proof? Try another exercise

Find the skeletal pictures for the below modern day populations, line them up in order by size and claim 'evolution':

The smallest human on record
The largest human on record
Asian descent (from short to tall)
African descent (from short to tall)
Aboriginal descent
Native American descent (from short to tall)
On and on and on ...

That is the identical standard you just used for your 'proof' of human evolution. It's called variation and the above are ALL human.

Since the basic premise for the theory of evolution is that mutations/genetic recombination (or whatever) combined with natural selection produce new traits and features, why don't you submit an example for a new feature that was proven to arise from an ape or chimpanzee.

Then, we can start a discussion.

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Replying to:

OK, I'm assuming you're going to agree, and the scientific definition is what you want to use.

Let's start simple and obvious with some *pictures* of homo sapiens and homo neanderthalensis:




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