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To Whoisyourcreator and everyone

Whoisyourcreator, this is a great forum. The debates are great.

I have a 4 year degree from the U of O, of Anthropology. I recieved this in 2005. Human evolution is a very large subject of Anthropology, which is the study of humans. I found human evolution fascinating, and took multiple classes. My degree says I have a Degree of Science, which is a true statement.

Whoisyourcreator, I have read some of your writing, and you are obviously a very, very intelligent person. It is obvious with how you write and how you express yourself. I respect that extremely.

I have always been interested with where everything came from. You are definitely right that the study of human evolution has made a lot of discoveries (especially in Africa), but the study is not complete at all, not even close. Scientists have different ideas disagree how human evolution has worked, but then again that is the fun part of science.(disagrement and studying)

I respect religion completely, and I think it is a great thing. I have visited and studied several religions and enjoyed it completely.

I will admit right now that I am very, very rusty with what I studied. This website might be a blessing in discuise to get my knowledge back if I can.

Today, we are all Homo Sapien Sapiens. In other words we are all equal. I do believe that evolution does happen. A simple example is that cultures that lived in high altitudes for thousands of years have larger lungs. This is not a coincidence. Their lungs evolved to their surroundings over thousands and thousands of years.

Here is another lame little example. I remember when I was a freshman, one of the first activities my 101 class did was with M&M candies. We got a handful of M&Ms and threw them in to some grass. I had 10 seconds to find them and pick them up. In almost every experiment, the green M&Ms were harder to find, and therefor got to stay, and would breed. A very lame example I admit, but It came to my mind so I wanted to share it.

Whoisyourcreator, I think that you're a great person and you have all of my respect. I guess my opinion is that science and religion should always stay seperate. In other words, I believe in human evolution, but I also have religion in my life. Thanks for reading this!

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