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Re: I'll wait for a more worthy opponent

Let's try this for those evol., fans out there. Let's just take a set of tripletts.... where is the mark of GOD on them.... they all look alike sound alike, have the same eyes noses etc. The lord states very plainly,,,in Scripture,KJV," I have knit thee together wonderfully in the womb,,, before you were I knew you". Think about those tripletts for a moment,,, they all have the mark of God on them as a special individual created by Him alone....give up ....ofcourse you do ,because you have bought into the "theroy" of evolution.......the mark of God is you finger prints and your foot prints ,,, not another being on the planet has you prints,,, not an animal past or present,,, not even a scientist that fronts for evolving someting out of nothing,,,,ain't it amazing!!! Just call me the "country boy',,, bet this is way too simple for you academics,,,huh?

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