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The Big Bang did not create matter

We are discussing the creation of matter, i.e. what evolutionists call the 'big bang' or the 'expansion of the universe.'

Actually, no. The Big Bang did not create matter in the way you are speaking of it (i.e. "out of NOTHING"). The materials that make up matter (quarks, gluons, protons, neutrons, etc) have always existed. Their number does not change - the FORM may change (e=mc^2), but the content of the universe is constant. There was no such thing as "nothing" as you describe it.

Physics is not yet able to explain anything that happened before 10-43 seconds after the Big Bang itself. The combination of all the forces into one force is not yet completely understood, so there's no way through ANY sort of evidence yet found (however, the LHC may change some of this) that can prove what you're asking - you're setting up a strawman. If you've got a better explanation, with some evidence to prove it, we'd love to hear it too.

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