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You are clear for take-off.

Since you have a desire to post under your original IP, I have taken off that block.

Keep in mind that this forum is called the "Let's See How Evolution Works" game and forum. If you want to play, please submit empirical evidence that might prove compelling and we'll start a game.

Otherwise, I will delete you again ... and again ... and again.

NOTE that this is MUCH better treatment than I get when posting on evolutionary blogs:

After not being able to counter my referenced research papers, the 'host' corrupted my posts (6,40, & 47) and then others got on the band wagon and made it personal, obscene, and a very interesting example of how confident evolutionists are in the 'science' of evolution.

You didn't happen to be one of these, did you?

Pot, meet kettle - by akg41470 - Sep 22, 2008 10:03am
Thank you for the 'material' - by who is your crea... - Sep 22, 2008 2:47pm
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