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Pot, meet kettle

After not being able to counter my referenced research papers, the 'host' corrupted my posts (6,40, & 47) and then others got on the band wagon and made it personal, obscene, and a very interesting example of how confident evolutionists are in the 'science' of evolution.

Hmmm... let's read MY story, shall we?

After not being able to answer my questions regarding the nature of science, the 'host' deleted my posts and blocked all IP addresses I had ever posted from. Nobody else got on the bandwagon, she was alone in her fury. It was a very interesting example of how confident whoisyourcreator is in the method of debating.

Pot, meet kettle.

Stop deleting posts and bring on some real answers to my queries.

Main point: if you're looking for empirical evidence of everything, you will be sorely disappointed. Why do you wish to apply the rule of "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that empirical evidence" to every little thing? Can not logical concepts and deduction based in evidence in subjects SURROUNDING the idea be valid? You're asking for physical answers to questions that are beyond physics, by their nature.

I pose the likely question to you: If I don't have empirical evidence of God in your next post, then God is a figment of everyone's imagination. It's a travesty and should not be taught in Sunday schools. It's pure fantasy, corrupting our youth. Either give me true empirical evidence of God or you have shown your colors in your outright lying and making up stories in order to control people and make them feel better about themselves. I will be deleting all your ranting posts from here on out.

Sound familiar?

And Julie, with regards to your posts on erv, you were purely a troll. The people on that forum pointed out your errors, plain and simple. You kept needling them trying to get them to admit to something (very Scientologist of you, by the way), get a howler out of them or something. That's not debate, that's trolling. All of your quotes are mined, and that's simply a fact.

Thank you for the 'material' - by who is your crea... - Sep 22, 2008 2:47pm
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